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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

My name is Jen Hartley. I am so grateful my career has brought me to today.

After 30 years in the "biz", and 18 years with the legendary Caribou Club - Aspen, Colorado's finest private club, restaurant, nightclub and luxury catering services - I am venturing out to see what is next for me in an industry I love. As I leave my position as Marketing, Catering and Events Director of the the club, it is bittersweet. It has been an enormous part of my life with a wonderful group of humans I call "family" - and they are the BEST in Aspen!

Today is October 14th 2018, and I am about to launch my new company - Aspen Event Solutions - on November 1st. My vision comes from a "career lifetime" of luxury, catering, weddings, high end and complicated events, food, beverage, planning, concierge services, marketing and an overall understanding of the industry that makes my heart explode with care, attention to detail, understanding and respect. This, combined with a love for luxury, Aspen, and celebration - has led me to my vision:

A place where planners, clients and vendors can benefit from an "Aspen on the Ground" expert, to help in any way they need to execute their vision".

I look forward to seeing what the future holds!

xx Jen

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